Theories on addiction are some of the most complex studied in the field of human behavior. The following are briefly our philosophies on recovery and regaining the self-love you deserve:

Current Legal Model:

The current Attorney General of the United States calls for harsher sentences on drug offenses, referencing previous campaigns such as “Just Say No” and implies that addiction is a matter of choice. This obviously creates a punitive versus connective environment in our society, resulting in over incarceration of a population of people that are believed to be addicted “on purpose” due purely to their poor choices. This environment is almost void of rehabilitation nor treatment. This model encourages isolation and lack of disclosure.

S.H.A. Response: 

 No one would consciously choose a lifestyle of addiction.  We promote an environment of inclusion, community and solutions.  Addiction is a symptom of underlying needs and over-utilization of coping skills & defense mechanisms that have become pathological.  Learning new skills and dealing with past trauma is critical to living a life free of addiction.  Love, acceptance and tolerance heals!

Current Medical Model: 

The Surgeon General of the US and the current medical model consider the disease of addiction a primary brain disease, citing genetics as 50-70% of the cause.  While this is an improvement and creates a more compassionate response than the legal model, it also can create an attitude of a victim from the perspective of the addicted person and minimizes the impact of environment.  Addiction is a behavior and behaviors are not genetic.   While brain chemistry does indeed lend to compensation towards substance abuse, it is dangerous to let 50-70% of our claim to recovery be left to genetic predisposition. 

S.H.A. Response: 

Our environment (thoughts, surroundings, relationships) literally changes our DNA. All can be rebuilt. Our environment is the key to manifest our desired reality. While our genetics may play a part in creating our brain chemistry, one must recognize the bio-psycho-social model of recovery and the interconnection of each for total recovery. You are not a victim and you do have the power to change your life!